Plum Tree Bistro

Plum Tree Bistro is not a chain, but is independently owned and operated by Chef Heather, who prides herself on serving only fresh seafood,  cutting her own steaks to order and serving only soups she has created from scratch.

Our Story

Heater-head-shot-300x293   Plum Tree Bistro, nestled in the center of Arlington Village, Greenville, N.C. Plum Tree Bistro is a intimate casual dining restaurant that offers a lovely lounge with full bar and a wine cellar used for wine tastings or private dinner parties. A separate room for larger parties is available for up to sixty guests. Catering for large events including corporate dinners and wedding parties is also available.

Plum Tree Bistro’s menu is farm fresh and offers a variety of choices from hand cut steaks with shiitake mushroom sauce  or Madeira wine sauce, to fresh seafood from our Atlantic shores. Caramelized Salmon with habanera aioli and pistachio nut topping or try her Sesame Seed encrusted Ahi Tuna with ginger wasabi sauce which are just two of her seafood specialties, Vegetarian entrees are also offered each evening. Other local favorites are the Clementine or Spinach Salads with our house made roasted garlic dressing.

Desserts are made in house. They include white chocolate cheese cake, macadamia nut, marshmallow and caramel brownies topped with french vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry to delicious  berry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream and many others.

Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops    Caramelized Sea Scallops with fettuccine    Sea Scallops w Black Rice    Pork tenderloin   

Chipotle Shrimp 2    Calamari    Prawns in Butter sauce    clam and corn chowder

IMG_0955    Caramelized Sea Scallops with fettuccine   

Plum Tree Bistro has a quality selection of wine and beer that is selected for both taste and price!

The staff of Plum Tree Bistro thanks you again for your patronage of Plum Tree Bistro.

Heather Vandersloot

Executive Chef – Owner, Plum Tree Bistro